Friday, January 27, 2012

1 Week to Go

Hello all,

My life in about 240 lbs.
Welcome to the Ben Sholes Ghana Blog. The purpose of this guy is to give those in the states (and abroad) an idea of what it's like for a day in the life of Ben Sholes as I get prepared and start rocking and rolling in Ghana. Please leave some comments in the forum space below the blog for things you may want to see or questions you may have. The overall goal is to keep you guys informed and entertained as much as possible.

Let's start with the preparation:

As you can see, when you move this far overseas, you kinda have to liquidate everything. What you observe in the picture above is the entirety of the possessions and resources I will have once I land. That's right...all I have is a backpack, suitcase, and two thirty gallon tubs at no more than 50lbs each. The rest I'll have to leave behind. While one might find this stressful (and in a way it is), it's also very...cleansing. It was a great excuse to just "get rid of the junk". I found it a bit liberating.

One of the other major adjustments I'll have to "endure" (I'm actually looking forward a bit to this part) is my new office: While I can appreciate a nice ergonomic chair and blazing fast internet connection, I think the new office will be a nice change of pace and scenery. I'll also have the opportunity to work toward a pilot's license (at least for the small aircraft we have) - pretty exciting. Well, I'll cut it off here for now. Stay tuned for D-Day (departure day, silly) and more updates on living situation.
The old
The new
Until next time...