Sunday, February 26, 2012

Abode Update

My apologies for the delays on the updates.  I've been busy wearing my many hats.  My latest addition to the hat list is video editor (more on that later).  The most used hat this week though has been construction foreman.  The masons have been working hard plastering the outside of the house and screeding the floors.  I also put my work gloves on and ran the base electrics (on the outside and around the roof).  It's finally looking like something I want to move into.

There are still a few things left to do like dig the ditches and cast them with concrete for the drainage out of the house to connect to the septic tank as well as install the plumbing and bathroom fixtures.  After that it's all downhill with screen, doors, and ceiling panels.  Michaela and I are hoping to move in by the end of next week (just in time too because we have visitors coming on the 9th).

We've also come to the conclusion that we could go out and buy furniture for the inside, but we have an excellent carpenter in house that could pretty much build us anything we want.  Anyone want to contribute any design ideas?

Stay tuned for more bloggage!

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