Sunday, February 19, 2012

In Ghana You Wear Many Hats

So, I've discovered that, like many careers (even in the US), there's the job that's in the job description and the tasks that might be...extracurricular. Ghana takes that to a whole new level. I've worn 4 very different hats in my first week here. While I will say it's somewhat atypical to do all these things in 1 week's time, I'm pretty sure I would've been roped into these eventually.

On Wednesday I was a construction foreman (this is my own doing since it's my house that's being constructed):

On Thursday I was a plumber:
On Friday I was a tax accountant (this one is actually in the job description):

On Saturday I was a bush fire fighter:

All of these jobs related back to purposeful projects (building a house), problems that popped up (clogged toilet pipes), or even just chores that one has to take care of (ironically even the bush fire was an annual chore). The bottom line is that here (like many places) shit happens (literally) and you gotta deal with it. I just thought it was entertaining when thinks retrospectively on the week's tasks. I hope you laughed as much as I did.


  1. Dude! Rockin' the buzz cut! You look like a badass. Scratch that. You are a badass! Keep up the good work, shit happens, but it looks like you're showing it who's boss.

  2. Badass and shit happens should not occur in the same blog.... Ben you are a trooper - albeit one covered in a variety of different items of detritus... Just wait till NEXT week!!! :-)

  3. All I know is that I really love him.... but I have to admit, the cut does make you look like a badass... you're doin' good Ben... love you hun... keep brodening those hat horizons

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys! I'll try to maintain the bad ass image. Glad to see you guys are enjoying the blogs!

  5. This man looks so hard working. All the best to him.

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  6. Finally, it's about time you followed suit with the hair, 3 down...

  7. Haha...who are we missing? Drew? Last time I checked it was you, Chad, Jason, and me that have the buzz cuts going.