Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Hat: Electrician

I have added a new hat recently: electrician.  You can see below that the living room and bedroom are wired with double sockets on 2 phase 220V (one socket is 3 phase for lights, air conditioning, and refrigerator).   For those of you who don't know, there are normally 3 lines coming into the socket: live, neutral, and ground (they call it "earth" here).  In the picture, the live is red, neutral is black, and "earth" is green/yellow.  I learned though that international standard is usually neutral is either blue or black, live is red or brown, and earth/ground is green or yellow.   In addition to wiring most of the sockets myself, I assisted in running the wire for the overhead lights/switches, as well as assisted in connecting the main supply line for the house to the junction for the whole compound.

The house is wired well, but on a budget.  To avoid paying a lot for wire, we decided to go with a linear bus configuration that carries a live current throughout the whole house from a 20 kba generator across the airfield to a supply junction just outside the house, and finally through the house circuits.  While it is economical, let's just hope we don't have a problem in the wire at the beginning of the line because that means no power beyond that point.  The ceilings and roof are well built so that means it's very unlikely we'll have things influencing their integrity.  At any rate, it was a cool experience knowing exactly how my house's "nerves" work.

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  2. Still struggling a little with the posts, but I'm impressed with the amount of things you are learning Ben. Just make it work for you in the big scheme of things... Love Dad

  3. Although electricity is used in every aspect of our lives, it is very dangerous for you to mess with if you haven't been formally trained and educated. Whenever you have electrical problems, hire an electrician right away are the best in this field.

  4. @kips1245

    Next time you decide to spam someone's blog with a shameless plug for your company, you may want to pay attention to the fact that the electric work being done is in Ghana and your company is a New York based LIMOUSINE company that has absolutely nothing to do with electrics let alone be best in the field.

    Please don't ever comment on my blog again.